Taste Film: Beauty and The Beast

A Night with Taste Film:

Beauty and The Beast 


Ever started to watch a film without snacks?

I physically cannot watch Harry Potter without a supply of pic and mix. I always need a snack of some shape or form when watching a film. Especially if its a film about food… Charlie and The Chocolate Factory… Alice in Wonderland… Ratatouille…

Then there are those films that you see once at the cinema and never really have a chance to see again in all of its big screen glory.

So I present to you; Taste Film, the answer to your food and film related woes. This is your chance to watch some fantastic films that are no longer on the cinema, with a menu inspired by the film itself!

This is the next in my series of blogs of trying to survive as a post grad in London… You can catch my previous posts here.

This time last year, I was a mess. I was between jobs, I had no money, I was living with my boyfriends family… I wasn’t living my best life. I wasn’t leaving the house much, let alone to socialise with people! But since then, I’ve gotten back on my feet and have started to make an effort.

I think the most important part of graduating is learning how to live.

For a long time I didn’t really live, I just sort of drifted from day to day hoping for the best. In my mind I just didn’t think I could afford to, I always just assumed it would be far too expensive -which it isn’t. I also assumed the night would end in clubbing -which it also doesn’t. I loathe clubbing, except for once in a blue moon where I think it would be great and then it really, really isn’t! So my social life was well and truly dead with this attitude.

So I am here as living proof to you all that if someone as miserable, salty and bitter towards the living as me can find fun, then you certainly can. 

The first thing to remember, especially if you live somewhere like London, is that not everything is expensive. You don’t need to use you kidney as a down payment on a cocktail. Yes if you perhaps go out in Mayfair, you might need to look into it, but overall, London isn’t that bad.

As Hagrid says: If you know where to go…

So, if you’re like me and abandoned society for a few months and are now ready for your reintroduction, hit up sites such as Design my night, A Curious Invitation, Taste Film, Meet Up. Because I can guarantee, you will find something. For the most part, I am a recluse. I like my private time, I don’t like going out in huge crowds, and I certainly hate any event in which I will be subjected to straight men pawing at me. There is also the fact I hate absolutely everyone. So if I managed to find a night out, you can too.

The Premise for Taste Film is this;

“Have you ever watched a film that made you hungry? Have you ever wished to be part of the filmic world you are seeing on screen? Been so immersed in what you are watching that you want to experience every aspect of the film? Food has always played a big part in cinema and as a self-confessed foodie; I started to wonder what it would be like to merge these two elements together and bring the filmic world to real life. Taste Film allows you to do just that.

In an age where creatives everywhere are finding innovative ways to deliver both forms as separate entities, there couldn’t be a better time to unite these common comforts together, and fill a void on the London pop-up scene.”

I attended the Beauty and The Beast Taste Film night, with my G MsBelleBonBon, you can read about her take on the night, including her outfit here. in which we watched the new, Emma Watson version of the film, not the one from the 90’s.

We donned our finest black dresses because we abhor colour. And yes, I did get a temporary golden tattoo on my breasts. Thank you Primark.

And it was amazing!

The menu;

Provincial Life 
“The goes the baker with his tray like always. the same old bread and rolls to sell”
Whipped Duck Liver Parfait with Sauternes Jelly and Herb Palmiers

“Roses… I completely forgot, I promised Belle a Rose”
Rose En vie! Vanilla Vodka,Lime and Rose Petals

Be Our Guest
“Monsieur, Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight”
Poulet en Croute, with a light Chicken mousse and Caviar and Champagne Sauce

The Snow Fight
“There’s something sweet, and almost kind, but he was me and and he was coarse and unrefined”
Pear Granita with Poached Pear and Vanilla Custard

Tale as old as Time
“Oh Beautiful! but Something is missing… ahh yes… the finishing touch!”
Golden chocolate Tart to Share.

The food was gorgeous, and made even better by the timings and the relevance each dish had to parts of the film. The starters was lovely, I’m not usually one for parfait, but even I enjoyed it.


The cocktail was absolutely amazing. I have been trying to recreate it ever since! It wasn’t too strong, it was a beautiful rose pink colour and it just tasted fantastic. God damn.


The main dish of chicken was okay. Chicken isn’t my preferred meat and I found the portion to be a little too large and bland in comparison to everything else. I also thought there should have been a hint to “Try the grey stuff, its delicious!” especially when the song is all about food and so much food is mentioned, it seemed like a missed opportunity.


The first dessert was okay; the sorbet was more frozen ice with a hint of flavour than it was a scoop! served in a cocktail glass, it was beautiful to look at, but a little bit impractical to try and eat!


The second dessert was a m a z i n g. Incredibly rich, beautiful to look at and melted in your mouth. I wish that had been the main dessert and then with another starter to make up the four courses.


Food critique aside, this was a fantastic night. the atmosphere was fabulous, everyone was dressed up, we had a great view of the screen and I actually really enjoyed myself!

It also helped that I am madly in love with Emma Watson and any film she is in I think is fantastic. I only wish Taste Film would do a Harry Potter night…HINT HINT

Think of how amazing a great hall inspired feast would be?!?! Pumpkin juice… Butter Beer… Chocolate Frogs… Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans… Pumpkin Pasties… Cauldron Cakes… Honey Dukes Chocolate… Mrs Weasley’s Toffee Easter Eggs… IT WOULD BE MAGIC. 

This night was hosted at the Parlour restaurant in Kensal Green, North West London area, which was easy enough to get to, but they have these nights at a variety of restaurants across the city.

Tickets were £45 each, but, considering this was to watch a film on a big screen, a four course mealand a cocktail, it was pretty damn good! (baring in mind, cinema tickets are almost £15 for an adult in London, and one can rarely get two courses let alone four for £30…)

So the moral of this story is…

There are some fantastic things to do in London, especially as a graduate. I know how difficult it is to stop wallowing in self pity and to feel inspired to keep going. I myself had a good wallow last week in which I shut down and just gave up. its okay to have those days, they are needed, but what is also needed is the epiphany that follows where you suddenly find your fight again. No matter how hopeless it all feels, you will get there.

I just suggest that you start off with a night out with Taste Film…


HRH xox

5 thoughts on “Taste Film: Beauty and The Beast

  1. Ash Williams says:

    Omg I love this post so much, so jealous, this looks amazing! I feel you with the whole finishing uni feeling, it’s definitely different living as a student and graduate! Glad you enjoyed the night, the food looks incredible! Such great value for the night you had too. xx

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